Wellness Retreats

Life gets chaotic. When you’re able to get away, how prepared are you to welcome back the chaos? Similar to a weekend’s fade, we all are a little sad when vacation’s time is up. What if it didn’t have to be this way? What if your time away prepped you for life? Let’s get refreshed on the different types of wellness retreats.

Fitness retreat. If a sedentary vacation isn’t your speed, you may like this instead. Treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind fitness adventure. Guests can try surfing, rock climbing, kayaking, or beach resistance training. For those looking to do something a little different and bring their skills to a new level, fusion fitness classes are available. My favorites are ballet surfing, cycle karaoke, and yoga on an exercise ball.

Spa retreat. Facials, steam rooms, laser therapy, massages, a vitamin C shower, aromatherapy kits. There is nothing quite like feeling lighter than air after a few hours of pampering. Imagine getting spoiled for days. Don’t forget to check out the other amenities offered. Most places offer fitness classes, private pools, and in-room meals prepped by a gourmet chef. Spa retreats guarantee to calm the busiest and most stressed guests.

Digital detox retreat. There are days where I forget to bring my phone with me, and I feel terrified. And there are other days where I feel complete freedom. These retreats teach how to reconnect with those around us, rediscover how to communicate with others, and possibly laugh out loud in real life. Eventually, we will return to our electronics. Digital detoxing retreats focus on making connections away from our screens.

Meditation retreat. I never feel as relaxed and centered as I do during the meditation portion of a yoga class. By concentrating on my breaths and relaxing my body part by part, I come out of each meditation lighter. My mind is clear. Meditation retreats want you to focus on you. You learn how to cancel out all noise to only hear yourself. Each resort is in a secluded location with a limited number of guests permitted at a time to ensure each can reach inner peace.

Food retreat. Re-energize yourself with nature’s delights. Learn how to create healthy meals from food that is in-season. Master chopping/cutting like a culinary professional…or stick with turtle speed me and use a paring knife for everything. Food retreats offer gourmet cooking classes as well. Not only can you eat your way through your trip, but you can also learn how to prepare these tasty delights at home.

If you have any suggestions or tips you would like to add, don’t hesitate to send me a quick email. Happy Travels!

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