Sleep with One Eye Open

Nothing is scarier than an uninvited guest. We’re not talking about a nosy neighbor; we’re talking about the spirited kind. Ghostlore is rich in old towns, abandoned buildings, and lands filled with history. The most popular occurrences where the living come face to face with these spirits are in hotels. Let’s check in to some where others have failed to check out.

Concord, MA. The Colonial Inn was built in 1716 and served as a hospital for injured soldiers during the Revolutionary War. Room 24 served as an operating room for the local physician, Dr. Minot. And, Room 27 was the morgue. Guests have reported flickering lights and televisions, whisperings from closets, shadows of a tall man in a top hat and a woman, believed to be a nurse named Rosemary. There have also been sightings of wounded soldiers. We can assume that lots of the surgeries were unsuccessful.

Austin, TX. The Driskill Hotel steeps in history. Known for its timeless décor and wide array of guests (Bob Dylan, Sandra Bullock, as well as a few presidents), this luxurious landmark is home to quite a bit of paranormal activity. A little girl died from falling down the grand staircase and is seen chasing a ball down the stairs giggling the entire time. There is another folklore of two brides committing suicide on the same day in the same room decades apart. And, the original owner, Colonel Jesse Driskill likes to ask current guests about their stay still. That’s some committed customer service.

Flagstaff, AZ. The Hotel Monte Vista is known for their hauntings. In fact, the management encourages guests to interact with these ghosts. There are reports of a phantom bellboy knocking on doors with a muffled voice announcing, “room service.” A phantom elevator attendant who will ask riders what floor he may take them to and will close the non-existent elevator’s gate. In the 70’s, three men robbed a bank. A guard shot one. The trio chose to celebrate in the hotel’s lounge versus caring for their wounded partner. The man died consuming his drink. Staff and guests have since heard a voice saying, “Good Morning!” It looks like this guy is still in a good mood.

Seattle, WA. Alice Toklas haunts the Hotel Sorrento. Alice was the long-term partner of Gertrude Stein. The two hosted a salon in their Paris home with the likes of Pablo Picasso, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Ernest Hemingway in attendance. Toklas supported and managed Stein’s career while Stein was alive. When Stein died, Toklas wrote two cookbooks and other books. However, she struggled to make ends meet. After her death, she was buried next to her partner in Paris. So, why is she haunting Seattle? Alice spent her teen years and went to college in Seattle. It is believed that her spirit has taken an up an extended stay on the fourth floor of the Sorrento where she likes to play bartender. Remember to tip well!

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