Plastic Mountains Majesty

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

As parents, we focus on molding little humans to be better and to do better. All of us have our own ways of measuring “better”. Ultimately, we want passionate children to grow into successful adults. So what tiny improvements can we, as parents, make that create giant movements for and within our kids?

As I sat in front of my laptop trying to decide between a few different writing topics, I grabbed my phone to check my Instagram feed. A hashtag from National Geographic caught my eye, “#planetorplastic”. Then, I saw the pictures of beaches riddled with plastic cups, a seahorse carrying a Q-tip, and a giant sea turtle with a piece of plastic caught in its nostril. I have seen clips and pictures of sea turtles injured from pollutants a handful of times. I cringe, cry, and get upset for these helpless creatures that have to endure pain because of our carelessness. Most appropriately, this month’s topic is pollution.

As the cold weather turns warm, I emerge from my home to be outside. I hear birds singing in the trees. I smell flowers in bloom. And then, I see garbage. Again, I cringe. I drove my daughter to school last week and saw an entire patch of grass along the highway ornamented with trash. How did this happen? More importantly, how did it get this bad?

The county in which I reside is one of the leaders in recycling. We’ve been recycling for over two decades. Even here, we can do better. I read a staggering statistic in National Geographic’s featured article this month – 6.9 billion tons of plastic waste can be recycled while only 8% of it is recycled. Of the unrecycled plastic, an estimated 5-14 million tons of it makes its way to our coastlines. As we set out to enjoy this long-awaited summer, let us appreciate and take pride in our home. We can commit to small gestures of kindness to Mother Earth. Everyone counts. Everything matters.

We are our planet’s tribe. We can incite change. ALL THEIR STUFF is committed to issues of global sustainability. We hope to bring topics forward as a way to raise awareness, start conversations, and inspire actions.

Want to get the kids involved? National Geographic Kids posted an article with tips to reduce plastic waste. Click here.

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