Lowcountry Boil-ed Down

Welcome to Charleston! This city is so nice, we’re noting it twice. But really, it has been voted the Friendliest City in America consecutively for years. If you haven’t had the chance to experience Charleston yet, we hope we can entice you.

History. Lots of happenings in Charleston. The first publicly supported library erected in Charles Town. Charles Town was the former name of Charleston before the end of the American Revolution. Charles Town was to honor King Charles II. During the American Revolution, citizens of Charles Town confiscated tea and hid it in the Exchange and Custom House. This is where delegates for the Continental Congress were elected, and thus, they drafted the Declaration of Independence. As you tour Charleston, you can’t help to notice all the church steeples. In the thick of the Revolution, steeples were painted black to blend in with the night sky to avoid becoming British targets. Speaking of looking up, have you caught eye to all the blue porches around the peninsula? This color is called “Haint Blue.” It was meant to ward off evil spirits or haints. Haints were thought to have caused objects to move. Modern day applications help ward away evil insects! It's theorized that insects will not nest near the blue ceilings because it looks like the sky.

Getting around. Charleston is over 340 years old. There are plenty of narrow streets and less than your fair share of parking spots. Charleston advises taking advantage of the parking garages located all over town. Trolleys, water taxis, tour boats, and buses are also available if you want to give your feet a break. Since the South is known for their hot summers, consider getting in a workout with the breeze in your hair by renting everyone a bicycle. Currently, there is only one bicycle shop that rents out kids bikes, bike trailers, baby seats, and tag along bikes. Affordabike is located at 573 King Street. Whichever way you stroll through town, Charleston is highly accessible.

Mark your calendars. There is no shortage of activities in The Holy City. For the explorers, head over to Drum Island. The Cooper River is being dredged to make accommodations for larger ships. People have been said to have salvaged ancient artifacts and prehistoric sharks’ teeth as big as your hand. Show and Tell would never be the same after bringing in a discovery like that. For those animal lovers, check out the South Carolina Aquarium. In the basement of the aquarium is the Sea Turtle Care Center. Every guest of the aquarium gets to visit the recovery center. Check the website to be notified of a sea turtle release back to their habitat.

The view. Everything is breathtaking in Charleston. Everything. The cobblestone streets, the brick alleyways, the piazzas, the historic homes (set your sights on colorful Rainbow Row), the sand and surf, and the food and drinks. There is nothing more satisfying than sipping on a refreshing glass of sweet tea during brunch in the Lowcountry. Poogan’s Porch, Husk, and Hominy Grill bring local flavor to your table, and you’ll never want to leave. No matter the mealtime shrimp and grits, Lowcountry boil, she-crab soup, chicken and waffles, hush puppies, or anything with pecans will be the beginning of a love affair.

We hope this quick introduction to Charleston gets you excited for your upcoming visit OR intrigues you to plan a trip. If you want more information on family-friendly hot spots, become a member of our community and download our free Charleston guide. Want to load up on all Charleston has to offer so you and yours can concentrate on making long-lasting memories? Let ALL THEIR STUFF create a BUNDLE package with a personalized itinerary that's only focused on your family’s interests. Our motivation is for you to spend less time researching (we’ve done all of that) and more time with the ones that make you smile.

If you have any suggestions or tips you would like to add, don’t hesitate to send me a quick email. Happy Travels!

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