Keep Them Entertained

We love a quiet child. Correction. We love a quiet child that isn’t causing destruction. So what happens during those unexpected times when we need our kids to be calm? Let’s discuss technology-free distractions.

Trusty old paper. Color in a coloring book, solve puzzles on an activity sheet, conduct a word search, play a few rounds of mad libs, enjoy a game of airport/airplane BINGO, challenge your family to a paper airplane contest, play hangman, or make some paper fortune tellers. Bring along some pens, pencils, and a few sets of crayons. Let the little ones have fun experimenting with primary colored crayons to see what other colors they can discover.

Creative minds. Point out different employees working inside and outside of the airport/airplane. Ask your child what they think each worker does. These questions will get their creative juices flowing. Parents can aid in building their children’s vocabulary as well as providing a more detailed description of each employees’ tasks. Play a memory game. For instance, start off with “I’m going on vacation. I will pack a toothbrush”. Each person that follows you has to repeat each item in the same order before them. Another oldie but goodie is 20 Questions. A few rounds of this could pass the time quickly.

Games. Simon Says doesn’t require a lot of space, and it will get all their wiggles out. Rock, Paper, Scissors is a good game for any age. The little ones can practice coordination. Count and get some energy out with “1, 2, 3, 4. I declare a thumb war!” I Spy is another game that won’t take up space in your suitcase.

Hands on. Window clingers are fun for everyone whether you’re stuck in the terminal or on the tarmac. Pack a small brown bag full of small items, have the kids close their eyes, reach their hand into the bag, and guess what they have in their hand. Discover what’s in and around the airport with a scavenger hunt. Inquire to see if your airport has a children’s play area. If I had as much energy as my daughter does on a playground, my house would be clean…er right now. ;-)

We never know when there will be a flight delay or how long it will last. The good news is that our imaginations and family bonding time will never need recharging. These are the memories that we cherish.

If you have any suggestions or tips you would like to add, don’t hesitate to send me a quick email.

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