Hometown Hero - Miami Beach

‘Hometown Heroes’ is a periodic piece that ALL THEIR STUFF would like to feature as much as possible. We would like to recognize those who have helped your family in a way significant to you that made your vacation that much more special. In return for making your day, we will make theirs.

The first hero comes from Miami Beach. Her name is Yuly, and she is a server at Cvi.che 105. After talking with the manager, we found that part of the spectacular service was due to the training the staff receives on a constant basis. However, the attentiveness that Yuly brought to our table went beyond a work-related obligation. After greeted, she asked us if there were any allergies. Based on the answers, the specials were rattled off with recommendations from the menu. We placed our orders, and when our child received her food, Yuly had told the cooks to put specific ingredients of my daughter’s meal on the side because she had had experience with other children not liking those. As if on cue, my daughter pointed to those same ingredients and said, “I don’t like those.” I was genuinely appreciative of this because it meant my daughter would eat all on her plate. The restaurant was busy, and yet we never were left to wonder where our server was. As a parent, going to a restaurant and having the staff be patient and thoughtful is truly welcoming. And when you can all eat at the same time, that is indeed a vacation. We salute Yuly.

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