Beat the Heat

230 million Americans will feel heat indexes reach above 90 degrees this weekend and coming week. No matter your plans, here are some fun activities guaranteed to make you the cool parent.

Water balloon piñata. Dangle water balloons from a tree or clothesline and put your batting skills to the test.

Frozen t-shirt race. Wet shirts and wrap them in wax paper. Place in the freezer. Once stiff, hand them out to each participant. First one to get the shirt on wins a fudgsicle.

Jump rope contest. Each player has to complete ten rotations while holding a cup full of water. The one with the most water in their cup wins!

Sprayable chalk. Break up a stick of colored chalk and dissolve it in a spray bottle of water. Have fun coloring the sidewalk or each other.

Dodge sponge ball. Cut sponges into strips. Take 4-5 pieces and tie a rubber band or hair tie tightly around the middle. Immerse sponge balls in a bucket of water. Have a great time with this one!

Sponge bullseye. Draw out a target on the driveway or patio, and with the same sponges from dodge sponge ball (or any whole ones), toss them onto the target. Set up a point system for those competitive players. One sponge toss per player for three rounds. Highest score gets an extra dessert.

Stay cool out there by keeping hydrated. Always remember to check in on elderly neighbors and loved ones.

If you have any suggestions or tips you would like to add, don’t hesitate to send me a quick email.

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